What Are Emotions?

Learn About Emotions, Energy, And Vibrations

Simply put, emotions are vibrations of pure energy.  Every single emotion from each of your life experiences, has its own unique vibrational frequency.  Everything in the Universe is made of energy, so your emotions are no exception.  Quantum physics has shown that energies affect other energies, so it follows that we are affected by the energy of our emotions  — because our bodies are also made of energy!

Lower vibrational emotions

Lower frequency emotions, such as fear, worry, guilt, rejection, loneliness, anger, grief – if not processed fully and completely – can get trapped in your body and cause imbalances.  These are called “trapped emotions.”

There can even be trapped emotions from your childhood – for example,  were you ever told to “stop crying”; ‘suck it up?”

The Emotion Code allows  us to bypass the conscious mind and release the trapped emotions to assist in rebalancing.  You do not even have to remember, re-feel or re-experience an emotion!  You probably do not even know any of the emotions that are trapped from your entire lifetime – you just have the emotional and physical manifestations of them!


**Interesting to note that you can very well still have trapped emotions from your childhood and even from your mother’s womb!

What causes trapped emotions?

When an event happens, a thought is created.

Then your subconscious mind searches its computer for past events in your life to see how you responded before in a similar or same circumstance.

The subconscious then chats with your body.

The organs in your body then generate a frequency. A vibration is then experienced by your mind, body and spirit.

This vibration/emotion (E-Motion = Energy In Motion), is then either processed and completed – OR it gets “trapped” before we finish processing it, often because the emotion is “too much” at the moment.

These “trapped emotions” cause Imbalances in our body and energy field.

These Imbalances can show up a multitude of ways


Kelly and I have been working together for several weeks. Each session I am amazed by her insight, energy and explanations. We have been working on eliminating negative energy barriers and opening my heart wall and while it isn’t always an immediate reaction I feel, I have become more open, light feeling and able to experience a higher sense of emotions. It is giving me more positive energy, clearer mind and greater self awareness. I plan on continuing working with her to continue and releasing what I have been carrying way to long! 


Kelly was able to identify with amazing accuracy the ages many trapped emotions occurred in my life.  In some sessions, I could feel the release of the trapped emotions as they occurred.  In other sessions, the release occurred gently over the few days following a session.  I feel joyful again and life flows easier now.  I will continue to work with Kelly on a regular basis to keep my vibrations high!  My life simply works better with the Emotion Code and Kelly in it


I was stuck in a way I didn’t even know how or why.  Working with Kelly, she identified that I had a wall  around my heart from a few stuck emotions.  As we dug in just a tiny bit, I realized it was likely unprocessed  feelings from a specific time period in my adult life.  One of the things I appreciate about this work and approach is that I don’t need to dig all the way back, don’t need to re-live the experiences.  It is about identifying lightly and releasing.  I have had more energy, clarity and certainly joy since working with her, and that is freeing me up to create much bigger results in my life!  Thank you, Kelly!


How are trapped emotions released?

Energy work works to restore and maintain the harmony of your energy field so the body can remain balanced and harmonic.  Since we are beings of pure energy, you are more than your body. And since we are made of energy, wouldn’t we want to address this part of us?

In your session, I will be using  muscle testing to identify the hidden and/or trapped negative emotions using the Emotion Code® tequnique and a magnet. When the human body is exposed to a magnetic field, the emotional charge is removed and any energetic blockage is cleared.  Another wonderful aspect of this energy modality is it can be performed over “Zoom”, the phone or in person!

Do I have trapped emotions?

We all have experienced overwhelming or traumatic events in life like divorce which can be challenging and bring up very strong emotions. If these strong emptions are not processed they lead to trapped emotions. Other such life events that could cause trapped emotions are:

*Relationship problems

*Financial hardship

*Home and work stress

*Loss of a loved one

*Miscarriage or abortion

*Neglect or abandonment

*Physical or emotional combat

*Physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse


If you have experienced any of the above, you may have remaining trapped emotions in your body because the feelings/emotions were just too intense or there was so much going on that you could not process each emotion you were feeling.  Your body made that choice in a few seconds (it was not a conscious choice on your part) that in order for you to survive the overwhelming experience, it just wanted to move forward without fully feeling and processing each emotion.

By releasing the trapped emotions, people have given testimonials that they often feel a lightness in their being; feel better emotionally; feel better about themselves; feel less stressed, happier, more joyful, hopeful, peaceful and calm.  Clients have also experience a relief of physical discomfort right before my eyes during Emotion Code® sessions.

Using the Emotion Code® technique, it is my intention to release the trapped emotions in order to contribute to your personal intention and vision of well being!

If you are experiencing any of the following, there very well could be trapped emotions contributing to you having:

* A short fuse

*Unexplained aches

*Difficult time feeling emotionally available and connected to others on a deep level

*Behavior patterns that you cannot seem to break no matter how hard you try

*Experiences of feeling unloved or unworthy of love

*Experience self-sabatoge in relationships, careers or in general

*Experiences of excuses for not going after what you want

*Experiences of being stuck in the past and/or repeating the past

If you experience any of the above,  schedule your Emotion Code® session today.

You are worth it!  Here is your first step!

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