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Frequently Asked

What can I expect to happen during an Emotion Code Session?

To prepare:

*Trust this simple process for energy clearing.

*Please  ask any and all questions as you like!

* I will focus my heart and intention on compassionate love for you and your energy     clearing.  Everything that occurs doing a session is confidential.

* Drink plenty of water during and after! Energy clearing flows best through liquid.


The session:

We will start the session with a short discussion about any “issues” or vision you have. We will then set  our intention.

I will begin with a silent prayer. I can say one out loud if you would like.

I will then use muscle testing to connect to your energy and your subconscious.

Using a chart provided by the founder of the Emotion Code System, and my own intuitive questioning, we will identify the trapped emotions that are ready to be cleared.

I will release these trapped emotions using a magnet over the governing meridian.

I identify and release one trapped emotion at a time.

I can release between 5 and 10 trapped emotions per session.  This is what is    best for your body.

Why do you connect to the subconscious?

Simply because your subconscious cannot  lie.  It knows everything you have every felt, tasted, heard,  seen.  Amazing, right?  Our subconscious and unconscious brain determines   90%-95% of our lives.  For the majority of people, our conscious thoughts only determine 5%- 10% of our thoughts!

Your subconscious and spirit will always answer our questions truthfully and with your    highest interest in mind.

Do I have to tell you anything personal or a secret?

 No. You never have to tell me anything at all before, during or after a session. 

Your subconscious knows and may reveal it to your conscious brain and you may then remember something right away, or you may not. There is no need to tell me  unless you want to.  If you want to tell  me about that time in  your life that trapped emotional energy was formed, it is totally up to you.  

Will I notice changes right away?

Most often I hear, “I feel lighter, happier.”  “I could feel my heart open up”  “ I felt tingles in my head, knee, back, etc.” “I feel different somehow.”  You can see  some of the  testimonials on this site.

Sometimes tears flow immediately.  Sometimes outbursts of laughter occur.  Sometimes there are insights. Sometimes a pain goes away instantly.  Sometimes it comes back because there is more to clear.

It takes a long time to accumulate trapped unhealthy emotions/energies, so it takes a bit of time to release those energies.

Watch what happens in your life after your sessions.  Be conscious!

* Remember:  The whole premise is that we are all beings of energy and that disease and discomfort are also energy, just energy that is moving at a very low vibration. These unhappy energies can be released or changed so that the body’s energy field is more congruent and energy is flowing more freely. Please do not discontinue any prescribed medical treatments or medicines unless advised by your healthcare professional.


Do I have to be in-person to have a session?

No.  I can perform your session in person or via Zoom.


SINCE EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, with your permission, my energy can become aligned with your energy. You are also welcomed to act as a “surrogate” for your pet or minor child by touching your pet while I act as the proxy and listen to the subconscious energy of your pet or child.

What does Remote mean?
When you release trapped emotions from someone at a distance, it is literally a form of remote or distance healing. Although remote healing has not been incorporated into Western medicine, it has been practiced both anciently and in modern times by those who practice The Silva Method, Qigong, GungFu, Reiki, and other respected techniques. – Dr. Bradley Nelson, originator of The Emotion Code.

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