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The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is  a technique/process in which I  will identify your hidden trapped  emotions, using kinesiology, and then release them a gentle way.  Releasing of these trapped emotions can assist in your emotional and physical rebalancing!


I created this line of  journals with women in mind who are on a wholeness, wellness and healing journey and a self-love celebration! May you enjoy these journals as a sacred space with you and for you!

Helping You Restore Your Inner Peace

You have unique visions and dreams you want to experience in your life!   You deserve to be living your best life right now!

Do you feel that there are things holding you back or blocking you  from experiencing the life that you envision—but you just cannot put your finger on what it is? If so, as a certified Emotion Practitioner it is very possible that I can help!

Are you experiencing things like:

Being your own worst critic and think or say negative things about yourself?

Are you noticing yourself "overreacting" to situations or feeling emotionally charged or "triggered" over the same things time and time again?

Feelings of anxiousness for apparently no reason?

Feeling unloved or unworthy of love?

Physical ailments such as back pain, headaches, insomnia, neck pain or panic attacks that won't go away?

Stuck in behavior patterns that you cannot seem to break no matter how hard you try?

Stuck in the past and/or repeating the past?

Self-sabatoging behaviors?

What Is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code® was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a licensed chiropractor, in the 1990’s, and is a technique that  works by literally clearing the weight of your emotional past and releasing emotional “baggage” or “trapped emotions.”

Trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of your body.  Trapped emotions are actually low vibration emotional energies from negative past events. The good news – since I am a certified Emotion Code  Practitioner, I can release those trapped emotions.

Do I have trapped emotions?

If you are experiencing any of the following, there very well could be trapped emotions contributing to you having:

* A short fuse

*Unexplained aches

*Difficult time feeling emotionally available and connected to others on a deep level

*Behavior patterns that you cannot seem to break no matter how hard you try

*Experiences of feeling unloved or unworthy of love

*Experience self-sabatoge in relationships, careers or in general

*Experiences of excuses for not going after what you want

*Experiences of being stuck in the past and repeating the past

If you experience any of the above,  schedule your Emotion Code® session today.

About Me

I feel I was divinely led to energy work.  We all have our own unique paths we walk in life, and I believe that every path can be a purposeful one.  I, too, have walked and walk a healing journey.  I have a belief that everyone deserves to heal whatever is in the way of their journey back to their truest selves – that each person is worthy of living the life they envision for themselves!


Kelly keyed in on, among other emotions, a specific generational trauma.  That was surprising to me because the emotion was despair it was acute enough to end in suicide.  I knew it was likely epigenetic but had little idea how to rid myself of it.  I felt so much lighter, and continue to feel so, after our sessions.


Working with Kelly has been an insightful and fun experience. Learning about the Emotion Codes and participating in the process has led to increased energy, greater clarity, and continues to support my wellness. Kelly is easy to work with, listens well, and is intentional about every step of the process. This is not a cure all – as most things are not – it’s a great adjunct to working through trapped emotions and bringing restoration to one’s being.


After my first session with Kelly, I had neck and stomach problems for months.  I was amazed that during the emotion code session, I could actually feel the release of the neck pain.  After the session, I was so happy that my abdominal pain was also  gone.  The subsequent sessions allowed what felt like a deeper release and I felt “lighter” in my being – and pain free.  Kelly will be a regular in my life!


Find Your Emotional Balance. Set Your Self Free. 

“I am excited by the understandings the Emotion Code brings so that the pathway to personal growth, expanded identity, and an extraordinary quality of life is truly possible for anyone that desires to be free of the past and become more.”  -Tony Robbins, on The Emotion Code®



You are worth it!  Here is your first step!

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